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Welcome to the INCoFEEE, the “International Network for a Carbon-Free Environmental Efficient Economy”

Welcome to the INCoFEEE, the “International Network for a Carbon-Free Environmental Efficient Economy

This network is yours.

Are you for democracy ? Progress ? Welcome !

Let’s contribute to this wonderful project : to design and support a new, sustainable world using less fossil energy sources and more Carbon-Free energy .

Our Focus ? Push forward collective interest and promote a resilient civilisation allowing each Human to emancipate from pollution, lack of energy and risk of war for commodity and natural resources.

Why ?

1. Pollution is the main threat both to human health and biodiversity. Pollution amplifies global warming. In turn, global warming adds to and makes even worse the consequences of the primary environmental crisis, which consists in the fast, human-made reduction of available natural resources, natural areas and biodiversity.

2. Lack of energy hinders sustainable human progress. We need pollution-free energy in the long run, and thus must stop the most polluting energy sources now.

3. The risk of war at regional and global scales for access to energy, water and other resources threatens the lives of millions of people, entire countries and ultimately, civilizations. Peace is a necessary condition for human and environmental welfare.

How can we achieve the transition to a carbon-free economy?

First, we must realize that we need oil, gas and coal for other purposes than energy. These are valuable materials that we should use better. Burning them all is a short-sighted, primitive goal. We do this only because they are not expensive, but we’ll regret it later when their prices go up !

In each country, the mix can be different depending on local resources: water, sun, wind are not equally shared between all locations. Some regions will have an abundance of on or all of them, other areas will have neither. In most countries, some form of energy will have to be massively imported.

Thus, the balance of international exchanges might require complex choices to be made, with special constraints, such as: seasonal weather conditions or weather events, daily and hourly energy need, energy-intensive industry …

We need to build a global strategy and local strategies. So please send us your papers, contributions et constructive comments from everywhere in the world !