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Stop burning : recycle now !

In most EU cities, paper, polystyrene and other recylable materials are burned, not recycled ! Want to change this ? Please sign:

Want to know more about polystyrene recycling ?


21/9 Climate March : more than 2000 events worlwide !

For the first time, people have joined worldwide to urge action against climate change. Action means local and global policies in order to drastically decrease GHG emissions and define a global emission cap at COP21 : 900-1000 GtCO2eq.

Why that ?

Here is a short summary:

Our resolve must not falter: we this summer has been the hottest in history: 0.8°C above the 20th century average (16.4°C), source NOAA: via

So let’s keep the pressure on world leaders until COP21 next year.

Meanwhile, we’ll celebrate the fantastic opportunity to unite thousands of organizations and change the way we think and organize government and business.

Check out the photos and videos here:

Act now to prevent climate change runaway !

Join us on Sunday for the people’s climate march !

New York, Paris, Delhi, zillions of people will gather to save the climate : act now !

Come to the march next sunday : there ahas to be an event close to where you live or where you go this weekend…. find it here :

Please sign both our petitions now and pass the word along:

1. Phase out fossil fuels in Europe:

2. Switch to 100% clean, affordable, efficient energy sources (renewables and nuclear) :

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