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Who drafted the IPCC Group 3 report?

The IPCC has three groups:

· The GR I describes the scientific elements concerning the evolution of the climate.

· The GR II evaluates the Impacts, adaptation, vulnerabilities of this evolution.

· GR III studies strategies for mitigating climate change.

Group III published its report in April 2014. This report is important because it will affect the states when it comes to defining their energy policy, both as regards energy efficiency and the definition of an energy policy. electric mix. As far as the latter is concerned, there are currently significant differences in strategies between countries, depending on whether or not they plan to exit nuclear power by using fossil fuels for electricity generation longer. Both strategies are illustrated by those of France and Germany. It was therefore hoped that the two possible choices would be fairly expressed in the GR III.

There are 3 co-presidents in the GR3, a Cuban, a German (Ottmar Edenhofer), a Malian. Among the 6 vice-presidents is a Briton, an Italian but no French.

Read the french pdf text in the link.