Nuclear Fusion: “Why I think Lockheed Martin “… will not succeed, and some other considerations

2015 : translation.

Reaction to ads of this type in the media:

Fundrising …
The art of passing messages of hope to reach research funds …

The media loves it …
An announcement, a denial, two informations to publish…
No ethical will to confront points of view and make sense.
And it does not matter if the discernment of the public is affected …

Criticize this ? You go for joy flaps that brandish an irresponsible “it will never work!”

Example of a reasoned answer:

“When we go to the Lookheed site, not a single paper published, for example on the magnetic containment envisaged, which seems to be the only originality. Without revealing all the secrets, it would be normal to have access to results. the description of the technology, it is said, about neutrons produced during the tritium + deuterium fusion reaction “:” These neutrons heat the reactor wall, which can be used to drive turbine generators, as if the thing was self-evident. But 14 MeV neutrons are not content with “heat the reactor wall”, they trigger nuclear reactions that degrade the properties of the wall, to the point that a special machine must be built to study this single issue, IFMIF. This must be preceded by a preparatory machine IFMIF / EVEDA, product of a France-Japan cooperation, in progress.

The design of the magnetic field of ITER is perhaps not optimal, other geometries are studied in machines called Stellarator (in particular in Germany). But as long as Lookheed does not say anything about materials, energy recovery and generated helium, we are still far from the prospect of a reactor – if only an experimental one.

The physicists of this community have the unfortunate tendency to make journalists believe – which they gladly report – that once the behavior of plasma is controlled, we have a reactor. It’s powder in the eyes ”

And these examples of ads are regular …

09/25/2015 6:00 PM
Small-scale nuclear fusion may be a new energy source | EurekAlert! Science News –…

#FundRisingStrategy If I was an oil industry, I would not like to invest in fission because fusion will arrive soon ..

Or probably:

News> Nuclear fusion: an aneutronic reactor as an alternative to Iter?


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